How WordPress Can Benefit Your Ministry

How WordPress Can Benefit Your Ministry

Making the technological leap to a website for your church and ministry can be a scary one. If you are not computer savvy it can seem extremely overwhelming. WordPress can benefit your ministry in many ways.

First of all WordPress is a platform that you can use to create a blog, website or both. It began as a blogging platform on the Internet but has evolved to a content management system. Even if you are not literate in code and software jargon, you can successfully manage a WordPress website for your ministry. It is simple enough that a novice can update and maintain it.

So, how can it benefit your ministry? Well, the point of ministry is to carry the Word of God to the world in that unique way that has been given to you. Without a website, your message just reaches the congregation and at most, your city at large. Even that can be an overwhelming task without help.

WordPress can make it much simpler for you and here’s why.

WordPress benefits for your ministry


You can easily choose a theme to fit the needs of your church at that moment. Because there are so many color schemes to choose from, you can customize it to represent your church best. During holidays and other special occasions, you can then change it to something that reflects the season better.


It’s not air freshener but features that can be added to your website to perform almost any function you need it to. Plugins could help you, for instance, set up a payment system to accept donations through your church website for a new building fundraiser or to pay for youth trip. Social media plugins make it easy for members to share something good on the website with their friends on social media networks.

Lower Cost To Entry

This is one of the best benefits. Churches have to be careful of their budgets. WordPress gives your website a professional look and feel just like more expensive sites created by bigger churches with larger budgets. But, you get the same benefits from using a free open source content management system. Starting with a basic site you will only have a monthly web hosting cost and a domain name fee.


We’ve talked about the themes but what about content? You can upload articles, sermon notes and more to your site and then edit it as you see fit. Your content will appear as you want it to as well as pictures and other items.

Easy to navigate

You can learn to perform the behind-the-scenes work and then teach anyone else to do the same so that your website is always fresh and appealing to church members and those who are visiting to find out more about you.

WordPress makes website design and management simple.

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