Conduct Bible Studies On Your Website

Conduct Bible Studies On Your Website

Life is busy these days. We have all the best intentions to make it to Tuesday night bible study but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. What if you could attend a virtual bible study? Then, you could work it into your busy schedule.

Why is bible study important?

Bible study is like eating. When you are hungry you eat food. It nourishes the physical body so you can carry on with your daily activities. The Bible is food for the soul. When you read it, you gain spiritual nourishment so you can carry on with your daily activities with God to guide you.

Just like food, it is important to get the right kind of bible study to stay nourished. By this we mean the correct interpretation of the Word. It is easy to go astray when we study alone without any guidance from a church leader or others who are trained in biblical texts.

Conducting your own bible study on your church website

There are several print and online resources available to conduct bible studies. You can incorporate one of those or use material of your own. Either way you can set things up to work as an online bible study.

Choose your material

Above we gave you a couple of choices for the material source. Whatever the source, be sure that there is an online version that can be purchased and then uploaded to your website for use by those who want to participate in the bible study. If you create your own material, save the file in a format that is easily uploaded to the website.

Decide on a system of accountability

While the bible study is free, you might want to create a registration form to see who is participating. It will help you to capture demographic information especially for those who are not members of your church. You can see how far-reaching your study is.

Create a forum

This will be where you and your class will discuss the material of the lesson. If you want something a bit less complicated, you can create a bible study members only area on your website. When each person signs up, they get a password to enter the area for the bible study class.

Create weekly lessons

Each week, post the lesson to be read. You can even create questions for the class to answer. In the forum or members only area, discussion can take place on bible study day. Also, if anyone has any question before class they can post them here for the leader to answer and provide clarification.

Teleconference option

Another option to consider is conducting the discussion over the phone. You can reserve a teleconference room with an access number so people can dial in and join the bible study from anywhere they happen to be at the time. This could be used for the first class so everyone can introduce themselves. This could also be done over a Google hangout or a webinar.

Want to increase your effectiveness as a church? Conduct bible studies on your website. Bible study can be conducted anywhere with a church website. Use your site to share biblical knowledge with people everywhere.

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