Top 5 Ways to Customize your Church Website

Your church website is the first thing that many people will see of you when they find you on the Internet. You want to convey to them the same warmth of spirit and energy that they will encounter when they step through the doors of your church. You can help communicate this picture by customizing your website.

You have created a website. Now what?

If you have created a WordPress website, then there is much more to come. You don’t have to decide on just one theme or look for your site to represent it forever. WordPress is versatile and it offers you the ability to be versatile as well.

So, how can you customize your church website? Here are some ideas.

5 Ways to customize your church website

Choose a versatile template

These templates are affordable for churches. Depending on your needs, choose one that includes the widgets, color schemes and features that you will need to bring your church to life in cyberspace. For example, some templates feature certain widgets, maybe even a scripture finder for those using the site. Also, if you want to option of embedding videos and other items in your site, choose a template that allows you to do that. Make it social media friendly – Members can easily share information like video links and even podcast links with others on social websites when you make it available on your site for them to do so.

Create a new look for each page

Your church is a large entity with several small entities inside of it, i.e. your distinct ministries. Use different page templates to create a unique look for the youth ministry page, the outreach ministry page, the bible study page and others. Allow each ministry to express itself in the way that seems best to them.

Automate your content turnover

You can upload new content and then have it publish to your site (“go live”) on a preset schedule. Encourage members to write pieces for the website for different categories and then upload, edit and schedule them to show up when you want them to. Do it all at one time so you don’t have to tend to it every day.

Add interactive content

This could be anything from questionnaires that show certain responses based on visitor input to biblical games for youth and teens. This gives visitors and members something to do and not just to read. These interactive games can be used in Sunday school classes.

Lots of churches have websites but none of them has the same look as yours. In order to stand out, customize your church website to reflect your congregation and its needs.

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