Turn Your Best Sermons Into Winning Content For Your Website

Turn Your Best Sermons Into Winning Content For Your Website

That sermon from last Sunday stays in your head all week long. It was just so powerful that you find it guiding you through several situations. Give others that experience as well when you turn your sermons into great website content.

When you listen to a sermon in the church, there is one way (maybe two ways to receive it) – hearing and seeing. Mainly you are hearing the words that have been given to the pastor for God’s flock. If you are in the audience and even the overflow (if there are big televisions available) then you can see on the face of the pastor, how God is using him.

Why not give this precious message to the world? You can if you take the time to turn your sermons into content for your church website. Keep reading to find out the many ways that you can do this to the glory of God.

Turning Sermons into Website Content

Record your sermon

First, a recording of the sermon is needed. You can then transcribe it into article form for posting on your church website in a Sermon section. If there is a lot of information to include, divide the sermon into pages for easier loading to the site and also easier reading. Another option is to break a long sermon up into shorter articles and them posting them over several days for a new spiritual nugget to discover all week.

Create a podcast

You can create audio files of the sermon or just of the insights that the pastor wants to share about the sermon to go along with the content on the website. Podcasts can be downloaded to smartphones for listening on the go at any time you want.

Create a video

Make a video of the sermon. Those who view it on your website can get the full experience of both hearing and seeing in real time what others saw in the audience on Sunday. This can be a great way for others to get a sense of the pastor’s style of preaching.

Create online products

One sermon can be turned into a bible study for the church, workbooks to be purchased for bible studies at other churches or in the homes, and content that can be shared on other sites. You can create church PLR (Private Label Rights) article packs to help others to create an interesting church or spiritual website. This is one way to bring a little revenue to your church (especially if you are small) as you spread the Word.

Post videos on YouTube

You can use searchable keyword tags so others can find your church. Include links and also your church information at the end of the video.

The influence of your sermon doesn’t have to stop on Sunday. Increase your reach by turning those words from God into website content.

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