How To Install WordPress On Your Computer Using Wampserver

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How To Install WordPress On Your Computer Using
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I remember the first time I was trying to get WordPress installed on my local computer. I tried multiple online tutorials only to waste a lot of time.  After a lot of trial and error I finally turned my computer into a server to run WordPress.At first I used XAMP but there were too many problems and then I was introduced to WAMPserver.

WAMPServer includes Apache, MySQL, and PHP — Everything You Need To Run WordPress On Your Computer

Plus it makes it easy for you to run multiple local sites, WordPress or any php based site.

All you need to get started quickly is WAMP It Up!. With this Kindle e-book You'll be running WordPress on your local computer in under 37 minutes

After you finish reading this ebook you will have

  • Installed WAMP
  • Viewed php files using WAMP
  • Created a database
  • Created a database user
  • Installed WordPress on your local computer
  • Logged into  the WordPress admin area
  • Accessed your theme files for editing
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Step By Step With Screen Shots

Plus a Bonus: Solutions for fixing common errors


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P.S. If you are thinking of not downloading WAMP It Up! because you don't have a Kindle, think again. You can Purchase A Kindle  or Download a Free Kindle Reading App
for the device of your choice.

P.S.S. If you are using a MAC you need MAMP IT UP: A Guide to Installing WordPress On Your Mac

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