10 Helpful Tips For Initial Website Planning

Do you want to create a website, but don’t know where to start? Before you start to build a website I suggest you plan your website. When planning a website there are initial questions you need to answer. Once you can answer the question of who will visit your website you can understand why you'd actually need a website for your business. Plan your website with your visitors in mind.

Who will visit your website?

Think about your customers. How old are your customers? Where are they located? What sex are your customers? If you don't have any customers describe your perfect customer.

Why are they visiting your website?

Determining why visitors will visit your website will make it easier for you to identify your site's primary goals and purpose. Will people visit your site to find out information about your company? Will visitors be looking for information about the products and services your business offers? Come to your website to purchase products? Will visitors come to your website to share information? Will visitors come to your website to network with the community? Will users come to your website for entertainment? Will visitors come to your website to learn new information or skills?

How will they visit your website?

It's important to think about your visitors when you're planning your website. Will your visitors use a PC, a Mac, or Linux? Will your visitors be using Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome? Will visitors access your website from their mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, etc.)?

What are your initial goals for your website?

Once you have identified who your visitors are, why they will come to your site, and how they will get there you can set your initial goals for your website. What action do you want users to take once they reach your website?What path will get users to the desired action.


    Before you create a website always determine your audience, what they will use to find your website, and why they will visit your website. Answering these initial questions will allow you to clearly identify the purpose and goals of your website.

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