Should You Build A Responsive Website or Mobile Website

Mobile vs Responsive
There has been a lot of discussion lately around making your website mobile friendly. There are multiple ways to make a website mobile friendly. But the most popular way is to make it either responsive or to create a mobile website. So which one should your church have?

Before I answer the question I want to explain what each is along with the pros and cons.

Responsive Website

A responsive website has the ability to adapt automatically to whatever device a site is being viewed on. All devices are sent the same code but the web pages are reformatted using code in the
users web browser.

Pros of a responsive website:

  • One website to manage
  • Improved user experience
  • It is recommended by Google

Cons of a responsive website:

  • Not a quick fix
  • Requires a larger upfront budget
  • Challenging to achieve perfect results on all platforms

Mobile Website

A mobile website is a second website that is designed specifically for viewing on a mobile device. The user is sent the correct version of the site depending on the type of device they are on.

Pros of a mobile website:

  • It is a quick fix
  • Smaller file size for faster viewing
  • Craft specifically to match mobile needs

Cons of a mobile website:

  • Updating content in 2 places
  • Extra monthly costs of two websites
  • Simplified version may not satisfy user needs

I highly recommend you go responsive if you are starting a new website or looking for a website redesign. A responsive website will work with current browsers and adapt to ever changing mobile devices.

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