What Everyone Needs to Know To Create A Website Budget

Once you know the purpose of your website you can create a budget. When creating a budget to create a website you want to consider all the cost.

Note: There is no such thing as a free website or free marketing. It will cost you time or money. If you hire someone to create your website it will cost you money. If you create your own website it will cost you time. The time required to create a website is time taken away from running your business and should be considered in your website budget. How much is your time worth, $5/hr, $25/hr, $50/hr, or $125/hr? How much time will it take away from your business for you to learn how to create your own website?

Things to consider when creating your budget

  • Do you need a copywriter to write your website content?
  • Do you need to buy graphics software and hardware to create your own graphics and design your website?
  • Do you need a web designer or web consultant to design, code, and set-up your website?
  • Do you need a professional photographer to take pictures of your products?
  • Who will maintain your website content, security, backups, and upgrades?

Include the following in your website budget:

  1. Domain name registration
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Web Design Package
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Marketing
  6. Maintenance

E-commerce websites should also consider the following:

  1. Merchant Account
  2. Secure Server Certificate
  3. Shopping cart program
  4. Product Photos

If you plan to create your own website your website budget should include the following:

  1. Time required to learn required skills
  2. Time required to complete each task
  3. Software (Graphics and Photo Editing)
  4. Hardware (Digital Camera, Quality Computer with internet access, scanner)
  5. Cost of training resources, such as videos, books, memberships, etc…

Your website budget will give you an estimate of the required investment. Considering time in your budget will help you determine what tasks you should hire an expert to complete.

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