Premise WordPress Plugin Alternatives

I received an email from Copyblogger explaining that they will be taking the Premise WordPress Plugin off the market at the end of this week.
Copyblogger has taken the Premise WordPress Plugin off the market.

Why is Copyblogger going to stop selling Premise to new customers?

All we’re doing now is discontinuing future sales, and building a better suite of tools that you’ll be able to take advantage of soon.
-From Copyblogger Email To Current Users and Affiliates

What should you do if you own Premise?

If you already own Premise you can continue to use the plugin and Premise will continue to be updated.

Should you purchase Premise, now?

If you like the feature set available to you in Premise, purchase it before it is no longer available.

Premise Alternatives For Landing Pages

Here are other WordPress plugins for creating landing pages, sales pages, lead pages, and optin pages.

Lead Pages – I have never used Lead Pages but I have read that it will allow you to create many types of conversion pages. According to Kerry Carron over at, you can learn to setup LeadPages in less that a day.

OptimizePress – I have used OptimizePress 2.0. If you want to use one of their built in templates it is not that hard to get started. BUT if you want to customize things it may take you a little bit longer to create your page. You can use it as a theme or a plugin, but I prefer to use it as a plugin.
Choose Template
WordPress Landing Pages – WordPress Landing Pages is a free plugin that you can use to create your landing pages, run A/B split tests, and customize your own templates.
Wordpress Landing Page

Premise Alternatives For Membership Sites

Here are other WordPress plugins for creating a membership site.
ExchangeWP – ExchangeWP is an easy to use Ecommerce plugin with a membership addon. The user interface is different from other membership plugins and is geared towards membership sites not needing a lot of development changes.

Paid Memberships Pro – Paid Membership Pro is a great membership plugin for custom membership sites. It is extremely developer friendly but you have to pay for tutorials and support.

MemberPress – This a quality membership plugin by the creator of Pretty Links Pro, Blair Williams. This plugin offers special features such as Product Groups. A product group is a container that collects all the products that are similar.

Restrict Content Pro – I must first warn you that I am a big fan of Pippin Williams, the creator of this plugin. It is easy to use to protect your content from users that are not logged in. Restrict Content Pro offers a lot of add-ons (some paid and some free). Pippin offers great customer support.

In conclusion, I must stress that there is no one best landing page solution or membership when you are trying to create a website with WordPress. The best solution is based on the needs of your project.

Is It Time Two Put Optimize Press On The Shelf

I have been using the same premium WordPress theme, Optimize Press, on this site since December of 2010 when I first started the site. I purchased the theme in the early stages of its development because it made it easy to create sales pages and squeeze pages without having to touch the code. This meant I could make beautiful sales pages quickly. The fact that it was built to handle product launches and house a membership site was just icing on the cake.

Optimize Press also integrates with auto responder providers such as Mail Chimp, Aweber, etc through its squeeze pages. Just add the html form code and Optimize Press will pull out the information it needs to build your list building squeeze page.

Try Optimize Press For Yourself

Optimize Press offers custom functions that makes setting up the structure of a membership site quick and easy. It provides you with custom templates for your sales pages, login pages, modules, and lessons which make it easy for a newbie to get setup in less than a day. But if you are a member of CAWK you already know I don't use Optimize Press for the membership site theme. Why, because it does not offer me enough freedom to change my layout, like iThemes’ Builder theme.

And just to clarify, Optimize Press is designed to work with membership plugins such as Wish list, S2member, Digital Access Pass, and Nanacast. For example, if you’re working with Wish list Member and need a member login page, you simply create a page using the correct template, and Optimize Press does the rest. Now when your members log in, they’ll see the after log in page you specified when you setup wish list member. After you set your wish list member settings all you have to do to create a members' area is add your module and lesson pages. When members log in, over to the left in the sidebar they will see navigation that includes every module and lesson in your site, making it easy to navigate from one section to another.

Example of video landing page
Part of a video landing page created using Optimize Press

Optimize Press has done a great job with sales pages and squeeze pages. Want to include video on your sales or squeeze pages? The built-in video module allows you to add a video player using YouTube, Vimeo, or a number of other video solutions. You can host your video on S3 or on your own server, as well as offer an alternate video for users who are on a mobile device that doesn’t support flash.

Optimize Press Sales Page Video Settings
Optimize Press Sales Page Video Settings

After using Optimize Press for almost 18 months I am considering discontinuing my use of Optimize Press. It is a great theme but it is time for a change. I want to move the membership site into this install of WordPress, which will require me to have more control over my navigation, and layouts. Also I have increased my focus on the blog which is an after thought in Optimize Press. So, I am testing Premise, a WordPress plugin, to determine if it is a viable alternative to Optimize Press.

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