8 Places For Website Backup Storage

Backing up your website before making changes and on a regular basis is important but you can not stop there. You also need reliable website backup storage.

Just leaving it on your server can leave you with out a backup when you need it. If your server crashes your backup is gone and you will have lost your entire site. If your site gets hacked a backup stored in the same location is not very useful.

My recommendations for website backup storage is based on you using BackupBuddy for your backup solution. But most of the place can be used even if you don't use Backup Buddy for your backup solution.

Places for website backup storage

  1. Amazon S3 is cloud based storage that allows you to store your backups regardless of the size. The cost is very low for the amount of storage you receive. The Amazon S3 interface is not very user friendly and it can be difficult to determine the cost using their calculators, but it is still a good place to store your website backups.
  2. Box.com will allow you to store up to 5GB free. More storage space can be purchased. You can download the backup to your Box folder on your local computer, which gives you a local storage and cloud based storage. A more automatic approach is to schedule your backup to be emailed to the correct Box folder.
    Email to Box.com

  3. Dropbox.com allows you to store from 2GB to 18GB free. More storage space can be purchased at a reasonable rate. The process of setting up your backups to be sent to Dropbox is rather simple since it is an option in the backup settings. But downloading the backup to the correct folder on your local computer is also an option.
  4. Storing your backup on an external hard drive is a manual option for storing your backup. You backup the website and download the backup to an external hard drive. This can be combined with Box or Dropbox just by having the folder on the external hard drive.
  5. Store your backups in a Google email account by emailing the backup to a Gmail account. Since Gmail attachments can not be larger than 25MB this option is best for database only backups. This option is highly recommended by Benjamin Bradley, over at Webdesign dot com.
  6. Google Drive is also a place where you can store your website backups. You can download the backup to your computer and add it to Google Drive. An easier option is to send the backup to your Gmail account and label it GoogleDrive. Then it can automatically be sent to your Google Drive account. If you want to use this option you have to add a script to your Google Drive Account. I am not going to get into the details of how to set it up because you can read the step by step instructions in a Life Hacker post.
  7. Rackspace Cloud Files storage allows you to store your backups at a low cost. You can continue to store your backups regardless of the file size. Just know that its similar to Amazon S3, so you are charged for the amount of storage space you use starting at the low cost of ten cents per gigabyte.
  8. Stash is the easiest place to store your backups created using backupbuddy. You get 256MB of free storage space just for being a licensed owner of BackupBuddy. iThemes created Stash to be an easier storage alternative for S3 and Dropbox.
    Stash option

I currently use Amazon S3, Stash, Dropbox.com, and an external hard drive. After reading about these 8 places I hope you have at least two locations where you can store your backups, because when you manage a website you must back it up and store the backups safely.

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