3 Ways to Setup a WordPress Testing Environment

I am a big fan of having a testing environment that is sperate from your production environment (the live site). If you are not sure that you should have a testing environment you can read a post I wrote that explains why you should have a WordPress testing environment. Below are three ways that you can setup a WordPress testing environment.

Second Hosting Account

The first way is to set up a second hosting account that is only used for site development and testing. You can set up a quality hosting account with Site5, Lunarpages, or SiteGround. All three of these companies are a great choice for setting up a second hosting account that is only for testing.


The second option is to set up a development, staging, and hosting lab at SiphonLabs.com. With this option you development sites and production sites are hosted with the same company. You develop, upgrade, or make any other file related changes on your development site and then inject the changes to the staging area. From staging you can push you changes to the production(live) site. This option will help to improve your productivity once you get used to the workflow.

Updated July 30, 2013 – SiphonLabs is no longer available for WordPress powered sites. Sad but true. So if you know of a hosting solution for development, staging, and hosting leave me the name in the comments.

Local Web Server

The third option is to setup a web server on your local computer. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to set up a WordPress testing environment. If you are on a PC you can setup your local web server using WAMP. If you are a MAC user you can setup your local web server using MAMP.

When you have to manage a website, a testing environment is a must have. What other ways are there to set up a WordPress testing environment?

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10 thoughts on “3 Ways to Setup a WordPress Testing Environment”

  1. Hi,

    It’s always important to test your website before going live specially if it’s business related or required a lot of coding and development, you need to make sure everything is working before launching, Thanks for providing these options.

  2. Hi Arelthia,

    There are lot many managed wordpress hosting providers that offer the staging option. I myself host my sites with one of the Managed WordPress Hosting provider that providers me an option to test changes that I made before I make them live. The options you mentioned are really helpful for anyone hosted their wordpress with a shared hosting provider.

  3. Some free web hosting sites provides free WordPress hosting with sub domains. But limited space. But there is no guarantee that all the features in the script will be available. And if it is a photo website you will run out of space soon. Better using the local sever as you’ve mentioned. Thanks!

    • Hi Mike,
      Most hosting companies make it clear in their terms of service that backups are your responsibilities.

  4. Hey Arelthia,

    Great post and very good idea. Its quite easy to setup a separate test environment and is super handy if you wish to test new versions, plugins and templates etc. It also allows you to work on your site then migrate changes once done.

  5. Hi Arelthia,
    You write a very good post. All the ideas was very good and yes I also agree that testing is very important for a website.Thanks for sharing this ideas with us and keep doing posting.

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