Discover The Types Of Websites You Can Create

WordPress logo without textMany people who have heard of WordPress think that it’s just a publishing platform for blogs. In truth, WordPress is an extremely powerful and versatile publishing solution, and can be used to create many different types of websites.

Magazine Style Websites

WordPress can also be used to create magazine style websites. These websites don’t have a strictly chronological organizational structure like blogs, but instead highlight a number of articles on the website’s homepage (with the highlighting often done through a thumbnail image or photograph).

E-commerce Websites

Ecommerce features can be added to any WordPress website to sell physical products, digital products, membership, or services. There are many different e-commerce plug-ins to choose from, some available for free, and others are premium plug-ins that must be licensed for use. There are even WordPress themes that are designed to support e-commerce activities. So yes WordPress can be used to create an e-commerce website. For exampleThe Painted Prezel, a company that was on Shark Tank, uses the WordPress platform for their e-commerce website.

Static Websites

Even though WordPress has the capability of providing a highly dynamic website, you can forego posts and limit yourself to using just pages to create a relatively flat or static website. The advantages of using WordPress to create such a site are that you have many different graphical and appearance options to choose from. You can set up static websites for such as online resume websites, sales pages, or business websites for restaurants and other “bricks and mortar” businesses.

Social Networking Websites

If you have an idea for your own small social networking website, you can use WordPress to create it. The BuddyPress plug-in allows you to provide your website visitors with the opportunity to create their own profiles, manage accounts on your website and interact with other users who have a shared interest. BuddyPress even allows you to offer your social network members the opportunity to run their own fully featured WordPress blogs directly from your website.

Traditional Blogs

Blogs, of course, are the mainstay of WordPress. There are certainly other options for creating blogs, but WordPress is perhaps the most versatile, and certainly the best supported of all the options for creating blogs.

As you can see, WordPress is very flexible, in addition to being very powerful. Regardless of whatever type of website or functionality you desire, there’s a good chance that there is a way to use the WordPress platform to achieve it.

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