Top 3 Mistakes That Cause A WordPress Update Disaster

Top 3 Mistakes That Cause A WordPress Update Disaster

Did you know that updating WordPress incorrectly could take down your entire website?

I am not telling you this to scare you.

I am telling you this because since the latest version of WordPress has been released I have helped 3 people recover their website after updating to the latest version of WordPress. I just want to share the top 3 mistakes that people make that cause a WordPress update to go bad.

All plugins have not been updated.

Plugins should be updated first. Some may have to be updated manually if not showing as outdated. You can not always believe what the dashboard says. Why? Because it only checks once in a 24 hour period for updates. Not updating your plugins first can result in the unexpected White Screen Of Death (WSOD).

The theme has not been updated.

Yes themes have to be updated as well some times. Some themes will notify you in the updates but a lot will not notify you. Updating WordPress before updating your theme can cause unexpected issues such as disappearing content or even worse fatal errors.

The most costly mistake you can ever make when updating WordPress is

You did not back up your entire site

WordPress warns you to back up your site right on the update page. And I am warning you. Backup your site before you update. Don't expect your Hosting company to have a backup. Most hosting companies tell you in your terms of service that backing up your site is your responsibility. So do regular backups and make sure you backup before and after an update. That backup may just prevent you from loosing everything if your WordPress update goes wrong.

Updating WordPress can be a disaster if you make these three mistakes.

Sometimes for whatever reason the WordPress update is not successful and all you get is a string of errors. When you manage a website you need to be prepared to fix the problem or call a professional.

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  1. The Duplicator plugin is really useful for capturing backups and it is available from the WordPress plugins directory. BackupBuddy is a premium option. They have also raised the off-site storage from 512MB to 1GB. Whichever option you choose, just be sure to backup regularly.

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